Another good question on how the Holeyboard 123 compares to the original Holeyboard WIDE

Another good Holeyboard 123 question from Shawn K. “I’m considering upgrading from the older Holeyboard WIDE, how do they compare?”

See my images below. This is the picture of a Holeyboard 123 Complete with an added #3 Foot Pedal Module. as you can see, they are very close, there is even a little more room on the 123, and of course you could add another #2 section etc and make it infinitely long. But, the important point is that I made the original Holeyboard WIDE the size it was for a reason and it was my most popular Holeyboard, because those dimensions work for the vast majority of us. Thus, the Holeyboard 123 Complete fits most needs, a lot of you have been adding on an additional #3 Module, which is why I’ve shown it. Thank you Shawn for a great question.

Evo Wide
Evo Wide vs Holeyboard 123

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