Can I do a Holeyboard Pedalboard Setup with my volume in the middle?

T. in Chicago just emailed me about setting up a Holeyboard 123 Pedalboard configuration: “Been shopping for a high-end quality pedalboard and came across your terrific product (love the story and Made in USA). Ready to purchase but need your help: I have 12 pedals and two expression (wah in front, then six pedals, then volume, then the six that go into amp’s effect loop. I measure it out and believe that a 1-3-1-3 would certainly be ample room. Is that configuration possible? Would you include a second bracket with one of the 3s since it will attach on both sides? Will this set-up still be sturdy? THANKS!!”

The answer is yes, it works great. See the pictures below! Configure your Holeyboard Pedalboard at:

1 thought on “Can I do a Holeyboard Pedalboard Setup with my volume in the middle?”

  1. Chris, you may want to consider selling the Z-connectors in the shop for setups like this, or where someone might want to emulate the old ZigZag setup with two #1’s bolted together without the height difference.

    Keep up the great work!

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