Holeyboard Question: Side by Side Base Modules?

Steve from the UK emailed me this morning to ask: “Hey Chris…greeting from the uk. Hope you and your families are all well during the current craziness. Just wondered is it possible to connect 2 base modules together with a foot pedal module at either end? Stay safe. Cheers Steve.”

This is a great question and the answer is yes! I’m going to actually create a new webpage of many configuration options. If you want a wider Holeyboard, you don’t need it to expand and contract and you want a smooth level across the whole thing you can definitely connect two together with a Z Connector. Just email me if you want to set it up this way so I can put the right hardware in. I will add it to the website store soon as well. Thank you Steve, great question.

Holeyboard mounted side by side
Holeyboard Pedalboards Mounting Option

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