What “Made in the USA” for Pedalboards means to me

We live in a global economy, my phone is made overseas just like every other phone. Also, to say that you can’t get quality pedalboards made outside the USA, is obviously not true, of course you can.  But, my questions is: at what cost? 

I live in St Paul, my shop is in Minneapolis, for those not from here we endearingly call them the twin cities. What does this have to do with pedal boards? Stay with me here…Every morning I stop for coffee, and sometimes something to save for lunch, at either Yellowbird Coffee (St Paul) or Sip Coffeebar (Minneapolis). Do they make better coffee than I make at home? Oh for sure, not sure about the pixie dust they use but I haven’t figured it out yet. Can I make my own coffee easier and cheaper at home? Yes.

The reasons I go there (we are almost at pedalboards hold on) is for: community, socializing, and participating in and supporting the local economy; the one that is literally outside my front door(s). 

I started Holeyboard Pedalboards to create the kind of company that I want to work at, with the ideals, ethics, practices and joy that I believe make a good life. I didn’t start it to make pedalboards, believe it or not I have a sketchbook with many product ideas, mostly guitar related :), and I was in a new band and needed a pedalboard and the offerings were poor, at best; I could do better. Thus in 2011 Holeyboard Pedalboards was born.

Making pedalboards in the USA as a small company costs more, it’s a fact. Sewing cases here is even more difficult for a small company, not many people are doing that stateside these days sadly. Not only do I make everything in the USA, I make all of the Holeyboard Pedalboards and Ultimate Cases right here, locally, in the twin cities. And it’s worth it.

Why? Just like my coffee, I want to live in a neighborhood full of life and participate in the economy, which means jobs, money, shipping, etc. Keeping it local, keeping it real. I have chased quality over profits and I have no regrets. I think you will also pleasantly find that our prices are actually right in line with our competitors, it can be done, you just have to work at it.

So, I will continue to make pedalboards here for you to enjoy. Support your local coffee shops and keep rocking out 🙂 -Chris

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