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The Holeyboard 123 is the Swiss Army Knife of  pedalboards.

The Holeyboard 123 has everything you need in one box for your custom pedalboard solution. It is expandable from 13”-30, easily accommodates 4-12 pedals plus a wah and works with any power supply. It is ergonomically designed with two levels for accurate pedal switching, and uses cable ties for quick, tight, damage-free mounting. Add additional modules easily at any time. Proudly made in the USA of aircraft grade aluminum with a lifetime warranty.

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Holeyboard Pedalboards

Holeyboard Pedalboards

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Thirdman Hardware X Holeyboard Pedalboard

Full of Holes, for Cable-Ties!

Holeyboard Pedalboards use cable-ties along with our patent pending hole mounting pattern to secure and protect your pedals. They are Strong, Tight, and Fast. They are the best mounting solution in our opinion. They make changing pedals easy so you can focus on being more creative.


Reach the Pedals in the Back Row, Fast & Easy

We invented the Holeyboard Pedalboard Top Shelf, elevating and angling the pedals in the back row where they are easy to access. So no more accidentally hitting that tuning pedal right as you go into your solo.

Mount Any Power Supply, Easily

The Holeyboard 1,2,3 is designed to mount virtually any power supply in multiple locations. Set it up for demo-ing lots of pedals by attaching it to the back for quick access. Tuck it under the Top Shelf for a tidy clean setup. Easy to set up, easy to use with no additional parts needed.

Watch Phil's Review

Vintage Guitar Approved Gear

I’ve been using a Holeyboard™ on stage with The Trouble With Monkeys for months, and its “cable-tie” system for securing pedals is genius. I can switch out pedals in two minutes and easily reconfigure the board.

Michael Molenda

Editor-in-Chief, Guitar Player

Bulletproof build, ergonomics, and practicality are the names of the game with these multi-tiered pedalboards, including the aircraft-grade aluminum model tested. A broad curve and gentle tilt follow the arc of leg motions, but the real kicker – pun intended – is the use of zip ties to fasten pedals of any size. No more sloppy Velcro!

Dennis Pernu

Vintage Guitar Magazine

One of the 10 best pedalboards: Our pick of the best pedalboards for guitarists.

Alex Lynham

Total Guitar, Guitarist

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There's a Holeyboard Pedalboard for everyone.

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