The 123 Complete


The 123 Complete is our flagship of ultimate pedalboard utility. It is expandable from 13”-30, easily accommodates 4-12 pedals plus a wah and works with any power supply. It is ergonomically designed with two levels for accurate pedal switching, and uses cable ties for quick, tight, damage-free mounting. It is crazy light and strong; proudly made in the USA of aircraft grade aluminum with a lifetime warranty. Add additional modules easily at any time.

Everything you need to create the best pedalboard solution for you, all in the box. No extra parts are needed, you supply the pedals and power supply. Comes with:

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It’s the swiss army knife of pedalboards all in one box.

This package has everything you need to create the best pedalboard for you!  Change, expand, contract, and move the modules around at any time.


Full of Holes, for Cable-ties!

Holeyboard Pedalboards use cable-ties along with our patented hole pattern to secure and protect your pedals. They are Strong, Tight, and Fast. They are the best mounting solution in our opinion. They make changing pedals easy without damaging your pedals, your cables or your board.


Reach the Pedals in the Back Row, Fast & Easy

We invented the Holeyboard Pedalboard Top Shelf, elevating and angling the pedals in the back row where they are easy to access. So no more accidentally hitting that tuning pedal right as you go into your solo.

Infinity Edge Design

Use all of the real estate for mounting pedals! There are no additional risers, thick edges, pieces of wood or plastic to get in the way. Minimum space required on the floor with maximum space for pedals. The mounting surface is designed to also be the structure; that’s why the design is patented, because it’s better.

Mount Any Power Supply, Easily

The Holeyboard 1,2,3 is designed to mount virtually any power supply in multiple locations. Set it up for demo-ing lots of pedals by attaching it to the back for quick access. Tuck it under the Top Shelf for a tidy clean setup. Easy to set up, easy to use with no additional parts needed.


Low-profile and easy to step on

Holeyboards are low-profile, close to the ground, so that it’s ergonomically easier to step on. No more hovering your foot in the air, while playing guitar, while singing…easier, better.

Real Screwed-on Rubber Feet & Stainless Steel Hardware

Screwed on, custom designed and molded rubber feet keep your Holeyboard from sliding and your pedals safe from what’s ever on the stage floor. All of our hardware is stainless steel so screws will never strip, nuts will never slip.


Proudly Built in the USA out of Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Built with pride and precision right here in Minneapolis, MN USA. Crafted out of Aircraft Grade Aluminum for light weight, rigidity and strength.

American Made

Lifetime Warranty on breakage

We make the Holeyboards locally because we choose to do so, we believe in them and stand by them.


Design Features

  • Modular Design, modules 1,2 & 3 can be connected together in many different configurations to give you the layout and capacity you need
  • Holeyboard’s patented design and hole pattern allows you to place your pedals where you want, easily, with cable ties. Quick, tight, and fast with no adhesive needed.
  • Easily hit the pedals in the back row with 2 levels. The, angled, Top Shelf eliminates toe dancing.
  • Accommodates virtually all power supplies. They mount easily with cable ties under the Top Shelf, or on the back with no additional parts to buy.
  • Screwed on real rubber feet, keeps your Holeyboard from sliding and your pedals safe from what’s ever on the stage floor.
  • A Light Eco Footprint: Sustainable thinking is at the heart of the Holeyboard, pure in form, pure in function and pure in materials and construction.
  • We are committed to making the easiest to use, highest precision pedalboards, built proudly in the USA.
  • Lightweight and Super Strong, built to be played with a lifetime warranty


  • Expands from 13” – 30”, holds approximately 4 -14 pedals plus a wah or volume pedal
  • Proudly made in the USA from Aircraft Grade Aluminum. Light and strong.
  • Powder-coated durable finish in Black
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Zip ties included
  • Dimensions Module 1: 13”w x 14”d x 4.70”h
  • Dimensions Module 2: 12.98”w x 13.85”d x 4.58”h
  • Dimensions Module 3: 5.5”w x 13.5”d x 0.80”h
  • Built with pride and precision in Minneapolis, MN USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Minimal assembly required (adding feet, connecting modules)
  • Note: additional Expansion Modules and/or Footpedal Modules can be added at any time.
  • Case & Power supplies sold separately. Pedals not included.
Weight 6.3 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 14 × 4.5 in
123 Complete Package ($199) or Bundled with Case($349)

123 Complete, 123 Complete Plus Case

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