The Ultimate Holeyboard Case


Built to last, right here in the Twin Cities

The Ultimate Holeyboard Case is inspired by bulletproof messenger bags, it’s easy to load and unload quickly, it’s extremely durable and comfortable to carry. With a lifetime warranty, sewn right here in Minneapolis.

It’s 30″, it is perfect for your Holeyboard 123 fully extended with a wah or volume pedal, it will fit. It fits smaller configurations just as well with plenty of room to throw in patch cords, an XLR, a mic, a folding guitar stand and your charts, set list, and duct tape just in case. I actually also take it grocery shopping and on road trips, it does a lot, easily and well.

My goal was to carry gear in one trip: guitar in one hand, amp in the other and the Ultimate Case on your shoulder. A lot of thought went into the Ultimate Holeyboard Case, it had to be extremely durable and abrasion-resistant, so the outside material is made of ballistic nylon, the same material used in bulletproof vests. It also had to protect your boards from the elements, so the inside is waterproof yellow boating-grade vinyl. Why yellow? So you can see things in the bottom of it in low light — details matter.

It doesn’t look like other pedalboard cases, because we prefer to start with the problem and create solutions that make sense, not start with someone else’s idea that may not even work that well. It’s easy to iterate, but difficult to innovate. We think the innovating is more fun. So give it a go and see what you think.

  • 30″ wide x 18″ tall x 9″ deep
  • Made of bulletproof ballistic nylon on the outside, waterproof vinyl on the inside, seatbelt webbing straps, snaps on top
  • Proudly sewn in Minneapolis, MN USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
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